Time to Obtain Your APR

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April is APR month. If you haven’t earned your accreditation in public relations (APR), this is a good month to get started.

I have found the APR is a differentiator. It shows you have put your education and training to the test and succeeded. It makes you stand out. I think it also brings respect, especially from professionals in other fields who have had to show others they can meet high standards. At least it has worked for me with law enforcement officers and engineers.

Is it easy to attain? No. But few things worth having are. PRSA has made it is easy to get started, however, and provide help along the way. Log into your PRSA account and go to the accreditation page (http://www.prsa.org/Learning/Accreditation/). It will walk you through the process. The page also contains testimonials from accredited professionals on what APR means to them. One in particular points out that going through the process boosted her self-confidence and ability to compete for positions.

Many of us find ourselves doing a limited number of PR functions in our jobs. By the time you earn your APR, you will have sharpened your knowledge of a wide range of PR practices and fundamentals. That brings self-confidence.

There’s also help locally. Those of us who have earned our APR are willing to provide advice and encouragement. We are here to help. Feel free to contact me. Let’s get started turning the first three letters in April into the first three letters after your name.

Jeff Hanson, APR
Accreditation Chair

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